Welcome to Beyond Words, an international literary magazine founded in 2020.

Our magazine is a printed publication. However, we also offer digital editions of our issues. 

We publish monthly.

We consider poems and flash fiction and non-fiction up to 1000 words. 

We also look for inspiring and creative visual art.

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We are currently reading for Beyond Words Magazine Issue 45 (March 2024) and invite you to submit your  poetry, as well as short fiction and non-fiction, for consideration.

Tired of waiting for months to hear back from literary magazines? We at BEYOND WORDS LITERARY MAGAZINE believe there can be another way. We work around the clock and promise to respond to your submission within 24 hours with a decision.

BEYOND WORDS is an international magazine of literature and art founded in 2020. We accept submissions of poetry (up to three poems in a single submission) and flash fiction/non-fiction (one piece per submission; max. length 1000 words).

We consider previously published works. We also permit simultaneous submissions.

Beyond Words Magazine is published in both digital and print.

All submitters will receive 3 complimentary digital copies of recent editions of Beyond Words Magazine: Issue #39, Issue #38, and Issue #37.

Looking forward to reviewing your submissions! In the meantime, we invite you to add us on Instagram @beyondwordsmagazine and/or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BeyondWordsMagazine for the latest news.


In Fall 2024 we will publish "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" - a special anthology about special moments which we will probably not experience again. 

We accept poetry (please no more than 3 poems in a single submission) and short stories up to 5000 words. 

We permit simultaneous submissions. We also permit the submission of previously published works, but please let us know where and when the piece was published upon submission (you can include this information in your bio). 

Our Editorial Board reads submissions on a daily basis and you can expect a decision within 24 hours.

Good luck!


The call for submissions will close soon (December 20th).

In January 2024 we will publish a (hopefully, not too frightening!) special anthology of poetry and short stories about fears. It takes courage and honesty to discuss this topic. Fears remind us bad moments from the past, and many times block us from realizing our goals and dreams.
Spiders, cats, airplanes, elevators, dinosaurs, mountains, breaking up, death - you are invited to submit any creative writing piece that deals with fears.

Our Editorial Board will read all submissions and select the best works for this special anthology.
We will send out a decision letter within 24 hours. 

 Good luck!



We invite you to send us your poems and flash pieces up to 250 words. The theme of our creative writing challenge is: SHADOW.

Our Editorial Board will read all submissions in a blind review process, and will then choose the best works. The winning pieces will be featured in our January 2024 edition!

Good luck!

Decisions will be sent out late December.


Beyond Words, the international magazine of word & image, features carefully-selected visual art and literary pieces. We have already published 42 printed editions. We offer a stage to express unique voices, including emerging artists and writers.

 Are you a visual artist? Would you like your work to be included in our printed magazine alongside poetry and short stories written by talented creatives from around the world?

   We invite you to submit your work (up to 7 pieces in each submission).

   We will get back to you with a decision within a day.

 Looking forward to reviewing your submissions! In the meantime, we invite you to add us on Instagram @beyondwordsmagazine and/or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BeyondWordsMagazine for the latest updates.

   Good luck!


Following our inaugural Chapbook Awards in 2023, we are excited to run the chapbook awards for the second time, selecting another 3-5 poetry chapbooks that will be published in 2024.  

Our extended Editorial Board, a group of 13 international creatives: writers, editors and artists, will review your chapbooks and select the most creative; those who demonstrate multiple poetry techniques; and read as one piece and not as a collection of unrelated poems. 

The winners will get 10 free copies of their chapbook, and their chapbook will be published with Beyond Words Press! 

Please only include poems or prose-poems; we will only consider chapbooks up to 30 pages

Decisions will be sent out in April 2024.

Good luck!

Beyond Words Literary Magazine