Welcome to Beyond Words, a young international literary magazine.

We are a stage for emerging writers and visual artists. We consider poems and short stories up to 1000 words. The  selected texts are accompanied with beautiful artwork. 

We publish monthly and read submissions daily.

Our magazine is offered in both digital and print versions.

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Beyond Words will publish in June 2020 an anthology of texts by Queer/Gay writers.

We will consider any short story or poem related to queer/gay life, self-acceptance, queer identity, sexual orientation, same-sex romantic relationships, dating, (homo-lesbo-trans-)phobia, coming out, and other relevant topics.

We aim to include writers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities in the anthology.  We especially encourage emerging writers and those without past publications to share their works with us. 

All applicants will receive a free access link to the digital edition of the anthology!

Beyond Words Literary Magazine